Rye whiskey is an old school classic best served in a heavy bottomed highball glass, neat, or in this case over a single ice cube that is almost as big as the glass.

The rich amber whiskey hues contrast with the texture of the ice. Whiskey adverts are famous for subliminal messages and some even altered the photographs to create hidden images. If you look closely at this one, you might see a raging bull with a ring through his nose. All created by light, ice, whiskey, and the iPhone camera. No Photoshop necessary.

Moving the camera a bit introduces some fiery yellows to the concoction.

Tilted back the other way and the amber turns more to the red, and while the bull is back; he is further away, but I think the sight of red has angered him and he is about to charge!

Flare for the Dramatic

At certain angles sunlight creates dramatic lens flares on iPhone images. Some are fractal rainbows while others reflect the refraction of the lens itself.
Fireweed at Mt. Baker

This flare looks like a beam that wants to capture the Fireweed growing on the slopes on Mt. Baker.

This flare looks like a psychedelic ’60s acid trip or special effects lighting from the original Star Trek.

Rampart Lakes

This flare looks like a rainbow waterfall flowing into one of the Rampart Lakes in the Cascade mountains.

In Rainbows

Continuing with my recent spectral findings, I used other glasses, with and without various liquids to create multicolored light experiments.

The refraction of light above and below a layer of liquid shows a rainbow of colors.

multicolored one

By moving the angle of the iPhone camera by small amounts, a full range of the color spectrum could be captured.

multicolored two

Bold reds to pastel pinks could be found in different chroma ranges as the light shifted.multicolored three

Brilliant blues shown under muted rose and lavender.

multicolored four

Another slight shift introduced yellows and chartreuse into the frequency range. I couldn’t see these colors with the naked eye, but the iPhone camera was able to find them!

multicolored five

Red Ribbon

I inherited several crystal port and sherry glasses from my maternal grandmother. They have multi-faceted stems, so I decided to get the iPhone camera as close as possible and capture the light that came through.

The iPhone camera captures reds very well, no matter the light source.
red ribbon of light one
By moving the camera lens ever so slightly I was able to capture a longer string of red and white lights.
red ribbon of light two
The facets of the crystal stem that I was shooting through created all sorts of interesting strings of light.
red ribbon of light three
In addition to the reds and whites that refracted within the crystal, some blues appeared at the very end.
red ribbon of light four